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New treatment for cats with chronic kidney disease: Boehringer Ingelheim launches Semintra® 

A new liquid treatment for cats with chronic kidney disease (CKD) has been launched by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica. Semintra contains the active ingredient telmisartan which is the first ever angiotensin receptor blocker to be licensed in veterinary medicine.

Like benazepril, Semintra is indicated for the reduction of proteinuria associated with CKD in cats. It has a highly targeted mode of action that provides rapid and reliable reduction of proteinuria in cats with chronic kidney disease. It is well tolerated and almost exclusively excreted in the faeces; therefore elimination is not dependent on renal function.

Above all, Semintra is very easy to use. It provides all the advantages of liquid dosing, and has been shown to be well accepted by more than 90% of cats.

Martha Cannon, RCVS Specialist in Feline Medicine at the Oxford Cat Clinic, has already used Semintra in cats with CKD. She comments: “For us at the Oxford Cat Clinic, ease of use is an enormously important part of any product that we use for cats. From our personal experience, we found that Semintra is very well accepted by cats, with owners finding it very easy to give and to build into their cat’s daily treatment plan.”

Semintra is available as a 4mg/ml oral solution specifically designed with cats in mind. There is one 30 ml bottle size – this will last the average 4kg cat 30 days – and Semintra is now available from veterinary wholesalers.

Chronic kidney disease is a common disease affecting up to 10% of all cats and approximately 35% of geriatric cats. It is a debilitating disease that detracts from the quality of life of the cat and owner and the bond between them. Semintra is the first new pharmaceutical to be licensed in this disease area for a number of years.

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