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Elanco launches Trifexis®  - a new three-in-one tablet offering protection against fleas, intestinal parasites and heartworm

Elanco has launched Trifexis®, an innovative new oral tablet to provide dogs with three-in-one protection against the most common types of parasites that all dogs regardless of age are at risk from, fleas and intestinal nematodes, as well as against the real and emerging threat of heartworm.

Trifexis contains two proven active ingredients: spinosad – the unique active ingredient in Elanco’s Comfortis, a proven and successful treatment against fleas that lasts a full month - and milbemycin oxime, a proven and trusted active ingredient against intestinal nematodes and heartworm.

Recognising that oral tablets aid treatment compliance, Elanco offers the prescription-only Trifexis in a beef-flavoured tablet format that delivers vet practices with an exclusive solution many pet owners would choose.  Tablets are preferred by two out of three dog owners.

“By combining spinosad with milbemycin oxime, Trifexis provides the fast speed of flea kill already experienced with Comfortis (killing 100 percent of fleas within four hours), but now with the added protection against the hidden danger of intestinal nematodes and heartworm disease; of specific concern for owners whose dogs travel to or from heartworm endemic areas,” comments Matthew Rowe, senior brand manager at Elanco Companion Animal Health.

Prof. Patrick Bourdeau, Dip ECVD-Dip EVPC, of the Veterinary School of Nantes (Oniris), France, adds: “Until now, the treatment of intestinal nematodes has often been overlooked. Recent independent research shows that in Europe a majority of dogs (70 percent) are treated against fleas; whereas the year-round (and potentially zoonotic) threat of intestinal nematodes is commonly overlooked, with only 49 percent of dogs being treated. The benefit of Trifexis is that it aids treatment compliance against these important yet overlooked worms by providing a tablet format, combined with flea control."

In addition, the tablet format satisfies a need for those owners who prefer the cleanliness and assured efficacy of tablet administration, have young children or pets in the home, dogs that swim or are bathed frequently or dogs with skin sensitivity or dermatological issues.

For further information about Elanco’s new Trifexis three-in-one oral tablet treatment, please contact your local Elanco Companion Animal Health key account manager or phone 01256 353131.

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