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VPMA and BVNA call for nominations for hard-working managers and nurses

The Veterinary Practice Management Association and the British Veterinary Nursing Association have joined forces to call for nominations for managers and nurses for the Petplan Veterinary Awards. While nominations for these categories have been growing in recent years, traditionally, it is the veterinary surgeon category which sees most of the action.

VPMA President Helen Sanderson and BVNA President Kirstie Shield are working together to highlight the no-less deserving members of the practice team for the manager and nursing categories. Helen said, “Whilst veterinary surgeons absolutely deserve credit for the hard-work that they do, other practice staff do tend to get forgotten by the public in the nomination process. So together we are calling on practices to help us highlight the fantastic work carried out by nurses and managers. Kristie and I thought it would be a great idea if the nurses could nominate their manager and vice-versa! That’s a win-win for both and helps to boost the profile of both of these essential team members.”

Kirstie wanted to break down some of the barriers and misconceptions around the nomination process, “You don’t need to produce a long, detailed testimonial, although obviously the more information you can give to support your nomination, the more the judges have to go on. But a heart-felt simple paragraph or two entered online is absolutely fine, outlining why your nurse or manager deserves the award. If you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, this is a fantastic way to boost your staff morale and just say thanks for their efforts. Every nominee receives a certificate that they can display in the practice.”

Nominating someone for Nurse of the Year or Practice Manager of the Year is very easy. The whole process can be done online quickly and easily by visiting

The deadline for nominations is the 31st January 2014.

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