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Brand new oral canine anxiolytic provides vets with an effective option to offer clients

A recent survey conducted by Ceva Animal Health showed that 25 percent of dogs become anxious when travelling, 30 percent of dogs get stressed going into kennels and 51 percent are scared of loud noises, including fireworks.

Ceva Animal Health has launched an effective new, non-pheromone tablet that combines GABA and amino-acids to help dogs cope with predictable but unavoidable short-term stressful situations such as vet visits and car journeys.

The combination of scientifically-proven active ingredients in Adaptil® Stress Relief Now tablets has been shown to help dogs remain relaxed when exposed to stressful situations.

-               As the main inhibitory neurotransmitter in dogs, GABA plays a central role in relaxation by limiting the nerve cell activity in the areas of the brain associated with anxiety.

-               L-tryptophan increases serotonin synthesis and has been shown to reduce stress-related behaviours in dogs.

-       L-theanine increases the release of GABA, and also inhibits the binding of the excitatory neurotransmitter L-glutamic acid to its receptors, with the effect of reducing anxiety and improving learning abilities.

-       B Vitamins (B1,B3, B6, B8 and B12) are essential nutrients for normal brain function and  help the body cope with the effects of stress.

By administering the tablets to dogs two hours before any predictable stressful event and boosting levels of these naturally occurring substances, Adaptil® Stress Relief Now tablets have been shown to help 80 percent of dogs remain relaxed in stressful situations, with the effect lasting up to four hours after administration.

Sarah Endersby, senior veterinary advisor at Ceva says “Pet owners often want advice from their vets to help their dog's cope with a potentially stressful event that is approaching. Many want a reliable and quick-acting solution, especially if the event is infrequent or of a short duration. An oral anxiolytic can be really useful in this situation, and can be used alongside targeted behavioural training to help the dog cope.”

Used alone or in conjunction with the existing Adaptil® product range, new Stress Relief Now tablets offer a brand new way to help tackle some of the common canine anxiety-inducing scenarios, including:

  • House parties / visitors
  • Fireworks
  • Thunderstorms
  • Noise phobias
  • Travel
  • Veterinary visits
  • Visits to groomers



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