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Elanco's Comfortis® is first choice for dermatologists

New research reveals that Elanco's Comfortis® chewable tablet for dogs and cats, containing active ingredient spinosad, is the first choice for flea control for almost 90 percent of leading European dermatologists.

The research, conducted amongst key opinion leaders at the Dermatologist’s 2013 Annual European Conference, questioned attitudes on flea control and Comfortis, an oral tablet that starts killing fleas in 30 minutes and remains effective for a full month.

Elanco found that nearly three quarters (71 percent) of dermatologists consider Comfortis their first choice when recommending flea control and 86 percent choose Comfortis for pruritic animals. Further questioning revealed that it’s not just because Comfortis is an oral product (only 61 percent said an oral would make a flea product their first choice), but the combination of its unique fast action and monthly oral treatment that make Comfortis so popular.

In addition, Comfortis doesn’t interfere with other treatments and its fast action reduces a pet’s exposure to fleas and their bites, minimising the risk of developing allergic reactions. Spinosad is systemic, protecting every inch of a pet’s body and the oral treatment leaves no residue, removing concerns about aggravating pre-existing skin conditions or product efficacy being affected by pets getting wet or being groomed.  It is therefore not surprising that 98 percent of dermatologists acknowledged that in their experience Comfortis has significantly improved the control of fleas.

Veterinary research reveals that dermatological cases account for approximately 20 percent of small animal consultations conducted by general practitioners. Further industry investigations found that skin diseases were two to three times more common than the next disease category. Moreover, dermatological problems were found to be a common secondary reason for an examination.

Anna Jackson, national veterinary manager at Elanco Companion Animal Health, said: “Skin diseases are a huge part of a practicing vet’s workload and one which can prove challenging to effectively address. By creating a fast acting oral flea control product that can work alongside other topical dermatological treatments, we’re helping to alleviate the discomfort and consequences of flea allergy dermatitis, which is one of the most common causes of skin disease. It’s fantastic to receive such strong endorsements from some of the leading dermatologists in Europe and this underlines the benefits of using Comfortis for flea control.”

One dermatologist from Europe said: “I love Comfortis because of its assured reliability in rapid speed of kill, duration of activity and efficacy; undeniably an unrivalled product for me.”

Another commented: “I like that it is a product that is easy to give and very, very effective.”

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