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Ceva launches innovative ectoparasiticide for dogs, Vectra 3D®

Ceva Animal Health has launched an innovative new broad spectrum topical ectoparasiticide. Vectra 3D® protects dogs against fleas, ticks and flies using a patented applicator.

Containing a unique formulation of three active ingredients – dinotefuran, pyriproxyfen and permethrin – dinotefuran being a brand new active, Vectra 3D provides a rapid flea kill within two hours for dogs on current treatment and complete protection against the major vectors: fleas, ticks, sand flies, mosquitoes and stable flies.  Insects do not need to ingest dinotefuran - it kills on contact reducing the incidences of flea feeding. A unique synergistic combination with permethrin increases the efficacy of both, facilitating rapid knock down and death.

Vectra 3D is administered via its patented applicator – the first of its kind in animal health - which has an elongated smooth tip for quick and easy application using an advanced innovative ‘Line-On’ technique.  The elongated tip on the new applicator makes it easy to reach the dog’s skin through the hair to provide direct contact during the ‘Line-On’ application from the base of the tail to the neck.  The applicator also provides accurate dosing and facilitates clean administration as nothing comes out until the tube is squeezed.  In addition, the one-piece cap is simple to open as there is no need for scissors to remove the cap - dog owners simply need to push the two circles together.

Moreover, with the number of people travelling with their pets increasing by 61% since 2012, Vectra 3D is the only ‘Line-On’ (or spot on) ectoparasiticide that offers repellent action against sand flies for one month, together with protection against mosquitoes and stable flies.

“Vectra 3D is an innovative formulation which uses a unique, easy-to-administer applicator to provide complete protection against fleas, ticks and flies,” comments Julia Wood, product manager at Ceva Animal Health.  “And with spring nearly upon us, it’s time to start talking to clients about flea treatments, such as Vectra 3D.”

To support the launch of Vectra 3D, Ceva is hosting a series of informative CPD meetings at prestigious venues across the UK.  Accounting for two hours CPD, the afternoon meetings will cover vector-borne diseases, the importance of ticks in the UK and product information on Vectra 3D. They will be presented by Ian Wright BVMS BSc MSc MRCVS and Richard Hall BSc MBA PhD FRES and take place at:

  • Williams F1 Conference Centre, Wantage, Oxfordshire on Wednesday 26 February
  • Mercedes Benz World, Weybridge, Surrey on Thursday 27 February
  • Concorde Conference Centre, Manchester Airport on Tuesday 11 March
  • Knockhill Racing Circuit, Dumfermline on Friday 14 March.

For further information on Vectra 3D, which is available in five presentations for different sized dogs, or the CPD meetings please contact your Ceva Animal Health territory manager or email Ceva Animal Health on

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