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Elanco hosts ‘Practice management in a changing environment’ evening seminars at BSAVA

Elanco Companion Animal Health, is hosting two free evening seminars on ‘Practice management in a changing environment – promoting parasite prevention’ during BSAVA Congress.

Presented by one of the leading global experts in practice management, Dr Ernie Ward from the USA, the seminars will take place on Thursday 3 April and Friday 4 April at the Hotel du Vin in Birmingham.  Each event will start at 7.30pm and includes a 45 minute presentation by Dr Ward, followed by a 15 minute question and answer session and dinner.

The seminars will address the challenges and threats facing veterinary practices. These include the erosion of sales of parasiticides due to competing channels accessing products that were previously ‘vet only’ and owners’ apathy to parasite control and their perception of the importance of controlling fleas and worms, despite the well-understood zoonotic threats, as products can now be accessed without professional advice.

Owner compliance in parasite protection is poor, for example across Europe 70 percent of dog owners treat for fleas an average of 4.9 times per year, while 49 percent treat for worms just 1.7 times per year,” comments Matthew Rowe, senior product manager at Elanco. “Vets are seen by owners as a source of authority and therefore have the opportunity to leverage this position and encourage owners to improve treatment compliance. The evening seminars will provide vets with useful advice on how to promote parasite prevention in practice, encourage owner compliance and boost profits.”

Thomas Rees, director of, says: I have seen Dr Ernie Ward speak before and he is a really entertaining and engaging speaker, so I'm already looking forward to attending.

For further information on the evening seminars, please contact your local Elanco key account manager or phone 01256 353131.


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