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Merial unveils pet-focused parasite control products for vets

Merial has unveiled its latest parasite control product for cats. BROADLINETM is the Broadest Spectrum Topical Feline Endectocide. It provides the most comprehensive parasite protection, making it easy for owners to keep their cats protected against the widest range of internal and external parasites, without the need for tablets.

BROADLINE is the only product approved to protect cats against tapeworms and ticks as well as roundworms and fleas. A unique combination of 4 active ingredients (Eprinomectin, Praziquantel, S-methoprene and Fipronil) formulated for optimum dosing in a professional, high quality applicator that’s swift and simple to use, even on uncooperative cats.

It is a prescription-only product that has been proven to be effective in extensive laboratory and clinical studies.

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