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New research reveals the main barriers to cat worming compliance

New research of 1,000 cat owners has revealed that confusion over when to dose, lack of awareness about the risks of infection and a busy modern life are causing low owner compliance when it comes to deworming cats.

The study found that only 21 percent of cat owners deworm their pets every three months as per the recommended guidelines. 46 percent say that they do it less than every six months and 6.5 percent never give their cats a deworming treatment. A further one in twenty (6 percent) admit they only deworm their cat when they visit their veterinary surgeon.

When asked why they don’t deworm their cats regularly, 23 percent of cat owners said that they did not know that they need to deworm their cat at all and a further 26 percent do not understand the benefits of routine use, saying that they believe that cats do not need deworming unless they actually see worms.

Despite the confusion, over a third (35 percent) of cat owners say they want to have as much knowledge as possible about their pet. A further 20 percent say that they find information about the health of their cat really interesting. The concern for vets is that 54 percent of cat owners turn to the internet for advice, which could be the reason for some of the misunderstanding about deworming.

Ian Wright, veterinary surgeon and parasitologist says: “This research shows that a third of owners want their vet to involve them in healthcare decisions affecting their cat and to consider their lifestyle when giving advice. This would suggest that by educating clients about the basics of worms and deworming, as well as recommending effective deworming solutions that are easy for owners to use, vets can easily boost deworming compliance. Profender ticks all of those boxes, offering a spot-on deworming solution that is effective against all common worms affecting cats in the UK.”

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