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MSD Animal Health launches Bravecto promising to transform the treatment of fleas and ticks

MSD Animal Health UK has announced the launch of BRAVECTO® - the first and only treatment available for fleas and ticks in dogs that offers a full 12-weeks duration of efficacy in a highly palatable chew.

It is rapidly effective and delivers comprehensive control in one single treatment that is readily accepted from the hand.  

BRAVECTO® will be available in five strengths of pork liver flavoured chew for different size dogs – one chew per weight band. It will only be available on prescription through veterinary practices. 

Speaking about the launch of BRAVECTO®, Jolian Howell, marketing and technical lead at MSD Animal Health UK said:  “BRAVECTO® is a truly unique and exciting innovation which will transform the effective treatment of fleas and ticks – providing protection like never before from a single dose. It is the first in a new generation of products that offer a full 12-week protection and will help keep the treatment of fleas and ticks within veterinary practices.

“Estimates suggest that flea and tick treatments are applied for just 2.8 months per year so just one dose of BRAVECTO® will immediately deliver much improved levels of treatment for dogs in veterinary care, which is good for the animal and good for the vet.”

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