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Dogs die from mystery poison left planted in the capital's parks

A suspected dog poisoner is being hunted by police after three dogs died from eating toxic meat planted in parks. 

The pets were found to have eaten chunks of chicken and fish smothered in a banned insecticide, Methomy. At least six animals have been poisoned in or near Fryent Country Park in Brent, north-west London in the last few months. Touching the infected meat could have caused nausea, heart irregularities, dizziness, muscle tremors and cramps in adults or death if left untreated.

Detectives are also investigating whether there are any links to suspected poisonings in Hampstead Heath, where another five dogs fell ill last week.

A bull lurcher killed in the first attack in January ate what was described as blue tablets inside Fryent Park.

Last month another bull lurcher was killed after it ate meat smeared in a blue paste left on a grass verge just outside the southern entrance to the park.

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