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Elanco launches new ordering process for Recuvyra

Elanco has launched a new ordering process for Recuvyra™, its transdermal fentanyl solution for the control of postoperative pain relief in dogs.

The new process will enable veterinary practices to purchase Recuvyra, which is a Schedule Two Controlled Drug, without having to complete the online training programme which was has been mandatory since the launch of the product in April 2013.

Training is, however, highly recommended for every veterinary professional that handles Recuvyra due to the innovative nature of the product delivery system. This can be via the short online training course available at or by reading the training leaflet provided with every vial of Recuvyra purchased. The training leaflet includes information on instructions for use, correct administration of the product and special precautions.  In addition, client leaflets and other support materials will continue to be available to vets via the website.

Alice Laurens, Recuvyra product manager at Elanco, said: “Veterinary practices will still need to follow their wholesalers’ procedures for ordering Schedule Two Controlled Drugs when purchasing Recuvyra, however any vet from the practice can now order and sign for delivery of the product making it easier to purchase.”

Recuvyra 50mg/ml transdermal solution for dogs is the first transdermal fentanyl solution to be licensed for the control of postoperative pain associated with major orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery.

Providing four days of opioid pain control in a single dose, Recuvyra contains fentanyl, a pure μ-agonist synthetic opioid with a potency 100 times that of morphine. Applied to the area between the shoulder blades by a unique needleless two-pronged adaptor two to four hours prior to surgery, Recuvyra provides four days of opioid analgesia.

It is the first veterinary product to make use of Medistend™ technology - provides long-lasting analgesia by rapidly establishing a depot of fentanyl within the lipid layer of the stratum corneum. The fentanyl in this depot undergoes passive diffusion down a concentration gradient, and is steadily released into the general circulation.

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