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VPMA focuses on benefits for hard-working practice managers
The Veterinary Practice Management Association has formed a Member Services Group to help optimise member benefits. The group, consisting of practice managers and council representatives Julie Beacham, Angela Andrews and Steve Broomfield, is reviewing the current member benefits package and negotiating with suppliers to expand the range of support on offer.
Group leader Julie Beacham called for feedback on which benefits members find most useful, as well as those they’d like to see. Under consideration is a legal helpline to help with employment disputes, coaching and personal development support and discounts and assistance from suppliers in management-related services and products.

“We want to build on our current benefit package to offer our members comprehensive support in all the areas that they touch upon, both professionally and personall, said Julie. As a busy manager myself, I know that time is so precious in this job. If I can immediately tap into resources that have been specially tailored for me, it saves me time and money. We want to make the lives of practice managers just that little easier.”
The association currently offers benefits such as Health & Safety and HR support, discounts on medical healthplans, books and travel, and telecommunications and utilities brokerage. It has an active regional structure and hosts regular CPD and networking meetings. The joint VPMA-SPVS Events group holds regular CPD days throughout the year, as well as a management-focused congress every January, both of which are substantially discounted for members.
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