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Bayer is on the pitch from the group stages through to the final with ‘Brazuca’

The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicked off in Brazil on Thursday and Bayer is on the pitch from the group stages through to the final!

‘Brazuca’, the new official match ball, has been developed by Adidas and is based on specialty plastics from Bayer MaterialScience. Tested by over 600 professional footballers, ‘Brazuca’ is even more stable than the balls of previous World Cups. The surface, which is elastic and hardwearing, returns to its previous state after the ball is kicked.

However Bayer materials are not just found on the pitch, they are also found on people's pets as the very same material that makes the World Cup ball ‘Brazuca’ can be found in the Seresto collar.

This unique system which protects cats and dogs from fleas and ticks (and also biting lice in dogs only) provides a unique drug delivery system that allows consistent, controlled dosing with effective parasite treatment for up to 8 months.

This is due to the specialist Bayer polymer matrix used to make Seresto, which allows the active substances, imadacloprid and flumethrin, to gradually diffuse through the collar following a concentration gradient and maintaining consistent dose delivery.

Seresto is the only prescription flea and tick collar available to pet owners and includes a safety release mechanism as part of its innovative design. As well as killing fleas, it repels and kills ticks, reducing the risk of transmission of vector-borne diseases.

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