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Tax Rates 2014-15

RA Accountants - 14/10/2014

Tax Rates 2014-15

Do you know all your tax rates for this year?  Thought not, so I've included a summary of most of the key rates and thresholds below.  It's worth knowing the various thresholds as carefull planning and allocation of your income can make a big difference to your actual "take home" earnings.

Income Tax

Income Tax

Car Benefit

Mileage allowances

National Insurance

Pension Contributions

Investment limits and Inheritance tax

Capital Gains

Corporation tax and Main capital allowances


Stamp Duty

Earliest due dates for payment

 The above is intended as a guide only and reproduced from information provided by RA Accountants, we can not gaurantee the accuaracy of the information and take no responsibility for the result of any actions based upon it.


RA Accountants

Show all finance related articles

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