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Equine Courses logo CPD Education Centre The CPD Education Centre offers a range of face-to-face and popular practical courses, offering an unrivalled learning experience.  Discounts are available for online booking (10%) and for our Alumni and Alumni practices (20%). logo The Webinar Vet Online CPD seminars (webinars) from The Webinar Vet on a range of clinical and business topics. logo CPD Solutions CPD courses from CPD Solutions. logo BCF Veterinary ultrasound scanning - training courses offered by BCF logo WebLeC Equine CPD Provide online CPD training for equine vets through WebLeC, with monthly online meetings. logo CPD Vets CPD courses offer by University of Liverpool logo Twemlows Stud Farm Providers of equine reproduction and dentistry CPD courses. logo VetsWest CPD A wide range of excellent value CPD courses from VetsWest logo Western Counties Veterinary Association The Western counties regional arm of the BVA organises regular, low cost CPD meetings and events. logo Whorl Publishing Providers of high quality equine CPD courses.
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