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Let’s face it – some days being either the boss or a vet SUCKS and some days being both is even worse!  It can be very easy to become lonely and isolated, when you’re starting early, finishing late and juggling on-call and paperwork!  This can make a rotten day seem ten times worse.  Maybe it was that dreadful client, the mounting debts or the stress of managing your staff – don’t worry things can and will get better, and tomorrow is a new day.

If you feel like things are getting on top of you, don’t suffer alone!  There are lots of people you can turn to for help and advise. 

Talking to someone can make things seem much better, so talk to people in the practice or partner's of other practices who may be experiencing similar problems, call a friend or family member, or if you’d prefer you can contact one of the organisations at the end of the page, all of whom are there to help you.  But most importantly DO NOT SUFFER ALONE.


If after seeking advise you still think things aren't right don't forget you don't have to keep sticking it out even if you own the practice.  You can advertise your practice for sale for FREE on and browse jobs for experienced vets in both practice and industry if you fancy a change.  If you really do want to move jobs, sell-up, or just want to see what’s available, check out the “Jobs” section.


And remember, there’s always the holiday option – even if you just dream about it...You don't have to go some where exotic to have a well deserved break logo Vet Helpline If there is anything you want to discuss with someone who has experience of the veterinary profession you might want to call Vet Helpline. They are available to talk to you in complete confidence about whatever is troubling you and are familiar with the problems that recent graduates face. Tel: 07659 811 118 (local call rates apply, 24hr rapid response answer phone). logo Veterinary Surgeon's Health Support Programme In addition, the Veterinary Surgeons' Health Support Programme (VSHSP) offers completely confidential professional help with alcohol, drug, addiction & mental health issues. Tel: 07946 634220 logo VETLiFE A website by vets for vets with information and support on a range of issues. logo Alcholics Anonymous Visit the section of the Alcoholics Anonymous website dedicated to helping professionals or call 01904 644026 in confidence.
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