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ROYAL CANIN® to host free Feline Hepatic Lipidosis webinar
Hepatic lipidosis is one of the most common feline hepatic diagnoses in the UK. Unique in its pathophysiology and the way in which we manage these cases unlike other liver patients, it’s important that vets and nurses are confident to act swiftly to correct the metabolic disturbances we see.  
With this in mind, at 8pm on Tuesday 24th October, ROYAL CANIN is hosting a webinar with Cécile Dor, University of Nottingham Resident in Small Animal Internal Medicine, working at Pride Veterinary Centre in Derby. Cécile will take a pragmatic look at why and how hepatic lipidosis occurs, the hepatobiliary changes we see and how to intervene in the crucial hours and days following the diagnosis.
Cécile commented: “Nutritional support is one of the first considerations when treating feline hepatic lipidosis. The prognosis is directly related to the ability of the clinician to aggressively meet energy and nutrient requirements, via enteral feeding. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the most recent knowledge we have to help us tackle the condition, particularly in first opinion practice.”
The webinar is free to join and CPD certificates will be awarded to all attendees. Playback recordings will be distributed to all registrants after the event. For more information and to join the webinar, simply register for free at:
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